Sheffield Photographer

Barton Chase Photography Studio

The Studio is located in an old school and occupies one of the large classrooms.


I am in constant search for new and interesting items to make your photos more than just a standard portrait and have brought a strong retro feel to a lot of my work.


With bright light from the large windows I can naturally light your image or close the blinds and fire off some flash to get great portraits that I hope you will love.


I like to think it is a friendly and welcoming environment where you can relax and enjoy a photoshoot.


Currently it is still undergoing improvements as I took possession during Lockdown and it still needs a little touch up on the décor and is not yet ideal for large family shoots, but for couples, babies, portraits and commercial it is fully functional.


(That being said you would be stunned as to how many studios are not the bright white futuristic looking places that the tv and film would have you think)