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Photoshoot T&C

The Fine Print 

Photographic Services Contract.

Below are the terms and conditions to be agreed upon between the client and Chris Carter of Barton Chase Photography. The below represents the contract and terms and conditions.

If you require any clarification in the below details please feel free to get in touch.

  • It is understood the services of Chris Carter of Barton Chase have been agreed as Photographer for your event. There are to be no modifications of this contract unless agreed upon in writing between both parties. By agreeing you as the authorisation party that Chris Carter has been booked for the occasion.

  • Payment will be agreed upon prior to the event. A pre agreed and non-refundable deposit may be required at least 28 days prior to the event. Full payment will be expected on the day or within five working days after the event. If full payment is not received then the photographer reserves the right not to release the photographs to the client. Payment can be made by bank transfer, cheque or in cash. Proof of payment shall be provided in the form of a receipt from Barton Chase Inc.

  • The client acknowledges that they are familiar with the Photographers work and is requesting their services with knowledge of the Photographers style. The Photographers style is always evolving and aim to be unique in nature and photographs taken on the day may be different from the photos taken in the past. Every effort will be made by the photographer to comply with the client’s vision and the aims of the event. This will however be directed by the creative ability of the photographer. The client acknowledges that photographs will not be rejected on the basis of taste or aesthetic criteria.

  • Any special requests or travel arrangements will need to be agreed in advance. The client acknowledges that these special requests must be made in advance of the event and may be reflected in the fee quoted. Any special request which is rendered impossible on the day (for e.g. weather conditions on an outside shoot or the unavailability of a visiting personage) the Photographer will not be liable for. Agreements for a reshoot at a later date may be agreed, but the Photographer maintains the rights to charge extra for any additional shooting bookings.

  • The Photographer is not liable for the restrictions during the shoot that result from venue rules or limitations of time. The client accepts the responsibility for ensuring suitable time has been arranged for the shoot and agreements made with any persons responsible for the venue technicalities with regards to the shoot.

  • In the unlikely event of severe medical condition, natural or other emergency on behalf of the Photographer every effort will be made to secure a replacement for the same quoted amount. If however no suitable substitute can be found then all monies received (including the deposit) shall be returned. This will also be the case in the unlikely event that technical difficulties with equipment that occur during the event.

  • Unless agreed otherwise in writing the Photographer maintains the Copyright to the photographs and can use them for publicity purposes.

  • The Photographer will not be liable for any contingents that are beyond their control, otherwise referred to as Acts of God. Event such as fire, electrical failures, floor or any other force out of the Photographers control.

  • If the client cancels the engagement then the Photographer will retain the deposit. If cancellations are prior to fourteen days prior to the event then the client will not have to pay any further charges. If the event is cancelled more than fourteen days before the event the a charge of £75 will be payable as compensation for the Photographer having booked the day in advance and not been able to take any other commissions for this date. If the date of the event is changed and the Photographer is available to attend a £50 surcharge will be payable as again having to refuse any bookings made for the original date. If the Photographer has to cancel the booking then all monies received shall be reimbursed.

  • All photographs taken will be examined and worked digitally corrected for maximum effect. The monies quoted reflect the work during the event and time taken for these digital enhancements. The Photographer will not be liable for the printing of any of the event photographs and shall be supplied digitally to the client, unless otherwise agreed. Any printing undertaken by the Photographer will need to be agreed beforehand and a separate quote to take into consideration the costs of printing and the time taken to arrange this.

  • The client assumes responsibility for the behaviour of the attendees at the event. Any misconduct that the client cannot control may result in the Photographer leaving the event. The client also understands that they are liable for any damages caused to the Photographers equipment due to guest misconduct. This extends to the event venue being the Photographers own studio (or venue which has been organised by the Photographer themselves), in which case the client themselves will be asked to vacate the premises.

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