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Portraits - Events - Promotional

I love portraits ..... I love working with people and helping them capture the images that they love. 

I first got into photography by a very weird route ...... A very odd route. 

I always wanted to make a creative living and I had somewhat aspirations of being a writer ... This obviously did not happen as I am struggling to try and write a cohesive "About". 

When I broke up with a long term girlfriend (She moved away .... And long distance relationships never work for long) I became obsessed with her new boyfriend .... For the rather unusual reason that I loved his photography. I had never had much interest in it and yet looking at his work I discovered that I loved seeing his vision of the world. So I began being a little more experimental with my camera phone and slowly but surely what became a hobby moved into an addiction where barely a day went that I was not looking at the world through the camera instead of my eyes. 

And then .... And here is a total confession .... I got asked to cover a Student Welcome day for Weatherspoons ... Yup ... Weatherspoons ... And I could genuinely say that I had worked for Weatherspoons .... Of course my shots were awful as I had little to no experience of covering such and event ... But it was a start. 

It also helped refine that I love fast paced events (Although I rarely if ever do events), shooting promotional images and I totally adore working a portrait session and going slightly more creative than a standard white smiling to the screen photo. To capture the perfect set for your business, facebook or insta image. 

And welcome to the new look website .... That has took ages. 

Thanks so much to Emma and Gem for suggesting simplicity and putting up with endless screen shots and "How does this look?" messages. 

And thanks so much for popping in for a look. 

With many thanks and all the best. 


For all enquiries drop me an email at 

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