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My name is Chris and this is Barton Chase Photography. 

How can I help? 

Here are some of the things I think you may like to know about what I do and how it could help you. 


Get creative and be you. 

Portraits don't always have to be something simple (Or simple works too). 

And lets be honest ... Its the portraits I am most known for.  

Click Here to see my portrait portfolio 

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Well why should just the kids get all the images. 

Come on parents ... Get in and say cheese :-) 

Take a look at the shoot menu

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There is nothing I can do that you could not do yourself

Its true ... Weird thing to put on a promotion page but its true. 

I do private consultations on kit, settings, composition and other handy tips and tricks ... 

Drop me a message for enquiries (links below or detailed in the about page)

Iva May Cosmetics.jpg
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Studio Hire

Okay so you don't want me taking the photography. 

So I presume you are a photographer looking for a space. 

More than happy to help. 

Take a glance at the Studio details here

Gym and Studio (37 of 42).jpg
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We all love kids. 

Fresh faced and big eyed ... And they grow up so quick. 

Capture those bright eyes forever and stick in an album. 

Have a glance at my little shoot menu

Peanut (14).jpg
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Corporate and Business. 

What do you do, what are you about? 

Give your business its own feel with some creative images. 

Alpha Test (25 of 28).jpg
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Event Photography 

We all love a good party. 

Drinks flowing, food aplenty. 

Be it a corporate or private do I can drift around and capture some of those moments of the event. 

You can check the pricing here.

Corporate (2 of 9).jpg
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About me

Come say Hi to the photographer.... 

Which would be me ;-) 

Click here

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Great Photographer of Sheffield - Harris
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