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Barton Chase Photography - The Pricing Bit

Please note these prices may be subject to future change.


I like to regard myself as the Aldi Photographer and provide reasonable prices for a decent product.


And I do things different from other photographers in a few respects.


I do have standard shoot costs but I can be negotiable dependent on such things as shoot requirements and potential repeat bookings. 

When it comes to Photography like many jobs you can find one job is much the same as another so while I do have a basic cost it could be subject to change dependent on one job for another. For instance as quick five minute for a Passport photo is not going to cost the same as a fully directed corporate image. So please treat the below costs as a rough guide for pricing based on a standard hourly photoshoot. Please feel free to drop me an enquiry and I will confirm the shoot costings. 

At the moment I am running a reduced costs rate and at the moment studio shoots are on hold. 


This is a break down of my basic costs.

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Standard Costs

£50 P/hr Daytime (usually £70phr)

£60 P/hr Evenings 

(usually £80 phr)

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Studio Shoots

£70 P/hr Daytime

(usually £80 phr)

£80 P/hr Evenings/weekends

(Usually £90phr)

Travel Costs

Considered on a case by case basis. But normally only applicable away from Sheffield Centre

Unlike other Photographers I will always provide all the original un edited shots from your shoot before editing. 

The image file sizes from straight out of the camera or of a massive size so I always provide these in a lower resolution format which makes them ideal for social media. The full file sizes can be sent to you upon request but will take a longer time to upload. 

I will edit a selection of shots from your shoot which will be provided in both low and high resolution version via Google Drive or We Transfer. You can also request that they be provided via USB stick although you will have to provide your own or have the cost of one added to the cost of the shoot. 

The editing of your shots is included in the price of the shoot and no additional costs will be expected for editing. 

If you have any questions please feel free to drop me a message.