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The one with the Chique Black Dress

As always amazing to work with the incredibly lovely and wonderful Lexi

Lexi and her Mum are always so amazing to shoot with .... And so pleased and proud that they asked me to shoot.

So hard to believe this was so long ago now .... And I still have so many shots we have yet to post ..... But as I am posting today from this set ... I thought I would try and do what I have been meaning to do for AGES!!!! And update the blog with the current post.

You may have noticed that most shoots now I name .... And this one had a classy black dress look the Lexi rocked ... So its the one with the Chique Black dress.

And who better than Lexi to drop this blog out with :-) Go give her a follow

Shoot 3 - Outfit 1

Outfit 2

Outfit 3

Outfit 4

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