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The one that was not Jack the Ripper

Updated: Oct 14, 2022

And my second (Technically) shoot with the fantastic Emma Kelly.

This was probably one of the more unusual shoots I have ever done.

When I first met Emma during a charity shoot for Breast Cancer she dropped down on to the studio floor doing the splits. After we did a full shoot together I suggested we did another shoot to show off her flexibility….. I also wanted an excuse to purchase a tail coat for myself so I suggested a kind of performer look and Emma suggested an amazing location.

Unfortunately the heavens opened and we were not able to proceed as planned … We walked away with basically the photos you see above and not the intended shoot. We also pretty much thought we had a couple of good shots and we had already intended to go into black and white.

So I was shocked when I saw that when all the shots came together that out ideas had created a kind of character. It was weird to see a shoot where instead of the intended outcome we had a shoot where I did not feel I had taken the shots and Emma was not the model.

Sometimes lucky accidents happen.

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