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Lockdown Journal Day Nine 1st April

Lockdown Journal

Day 9

I am Captain Space Monkey.

What a totally awesome day!!!!!

You know those little things you have been meaning to do for ages … Although little tasks?

Well today I bossed them like a Mo’ Fo. Needed string for a task, sting appeared. Needed an instruction manual, first place I looked. Loads and loads of little pieces wiped off as well as major steps on operation deep clean.

Total and utter bitching day.

If there was a down side it was that I released some of the last shots I had from a shoot. I have split it up into two sections but once I got the Martyna and Katie shots out there … I am DONE.

Blows big time … But oh well.

I got a huge back catalogue I can revisit and re edit. Unfortunately a lot of those are glamour which I don’t really like putting out as it can put off customers and I don’t do much glamour photography any more.

Which actually and weirdly is a shame. I have done a couple recently as a rarity … Three in fact, although one was paid for and quite honestly if I am being paid then I don’t get the choice. You do the job. I say it is a shame as the weird thing is that most of the funny stories come from doing glamour. Everybody not in photography seems to assume they are sexy … Well opposite in fact. It does however tend to be that almost all the funny stories come from doing glamour shoots which kind of make them fun to do.

I had forgotten about that.

I’ll tell you something funny though … Its my favourite joke.

I love meeting people just starting in Photography and speaking about how they want to be different and do scars and amputees and really revolutionise photography … 10 months down the line you see them and are like “Dude …. Notice a lot of semi naked people on your feed these days …”

The little lies we tell ourselves eh? I keep saying to people to not dick around and be honest about what you want to do photography wise. If you are creative and honest people will work with you. If you are a pervert then no one will work with you. Be honest create good images and you be you. There are plenty of photographers that like doing glamour/lingerie as a creative and plenty of models that love doing it too.

Come to think about it that used to be confuse me too … Back when I did more glamour/lingerie stuff the number of models that would skirt around the subject before finally coming out with that was what they wanted to do … Just be honest with yourself and what you want to do and don’t be weird or pervy about it. Its an art form of its own if not done badly.

I dunno …. Maybe just me …

I was convinced a while ago there was mega money in doing glamour shoots so I did a lot of them … To discover that there is virtually NO money to be made in doing glamour these days. I have resisted putting a lot of them out there …. So maybe at least I can re visit some of those as they are sitting around and nothing I can do with them.

A shame a suppose for some pretty decent (I hope) photos.

I dunno … I’ll think about it.

On another note during my cleaning I have come across some Nerf guns. I spotted them during a charity haul and me being an idiot male bought them with the intention of running around the house pretending to be Intergalactic Adventurer Captain Space Monkey. One of them has a barrel switch round that with a satisfying clunk revolves one six shooter chamber around for another … THAT IS SO COOL!!!!

On a personal note between just us … I fully intend once having finished this to tool up with my Nerf Guns and run around the flat taking out imaginary space zombies.

Its been a busy day so I think I earned it.

I resisted ranting yesterday … But considering it happened again today I am losing my cool.

What is wrong with parents at the moment? Letting their kids run towards people and away from themselves or letting their young kids bike off into the distance with their encouragement.

I have never been a parent but I strongly suspect at the moment the kids would be chained to me and I would be carrying a shotgun. Never mind two meters get within five and you would be staring down the double barrel of a twelve gauge.

Some parents drive me insane.

Sigh … Well … Leek and Potato soup for dinner and going in for the win with a Chicken Kiev tonight….

But first …

I am going to go take down some space zombies before my ship is over run.

Peace out all.


A.k.a Captain Space Monkey.

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