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Lockdown Journal Day Eleven 3rd April 2020

Lockdown Journal

Day Eleven

I am angry.

In fact I am incandescent with rage … I have not been this angry for …. Well for quite a while.

It looks like I am not going to be going out much in the near future too.

I had to go out shopping this morning (More on that later) and when I got home I found out I had been invaded. This place was immaculate yesterday too .. Absolutely totally and utterly immaculate. And I got back home to find … Well … There is no other way to put it … There was some dust on the living room table.

The Dust Fairy had invaded while I was out.

DAMN IT!!!!!

I am also fairly sure that his mate the hair fairy had been in too as there were two stray hairs in the bathroom sink that definitely were not there yesterday.

So for the immediate future I am staying home and hiding in the wardrobe with an old metal table leg and the moment either of them slide in through the window they are going to meet with me, my table leg, shortly after the floor and a very severe headache afterwards ….. And that is if I decide to stop swinging the table leg.

Heh ….

Seriously though … How do OCD people cope?

Although I am genuinely angry about one thing … Dog walkers apparently seem to be taking the current climate to not bother cleaning up dog mess any more. Back when I was a kid you had to walk with eyes to the pavement as there were no fines for not cleaning it up. Its becoming like that again.

I did have to go shopping this morning that much is true. I thought I ought to own up to that one as so far this week I have invented the intergalactic space hero Captain Space Monkey and today Dust Fairy and Hair Fairy …. Going to be a pretty packed flat I have here if I keep inventing fictional characters without due care and attention.

Shopping was weird … The queue went right around Sainsbury’s and as always was an adventure in terror of myself and others trying to shop while keeping as far as possibly for anyone else. Took nearly half an hour just to get in there … Although Did a totally decent stock update and caught some chicken in a Garlic Sauce that was reduced as needs to be eaten today.

Chicken breasts in Garlic Sauce and Mash potatoes covered in cheese and paprika … In for the win!!

By the way … Note to people who leave their trolley on one side of the aisle while exploring the other … it was irritating before all this went down. It is now doubly do. Please stop it immediately.

I am however pleased to report I have come to a decision.

I hate sitting on my hands and not doing something … So I have decided to combine a wish to do something good for the community and make people happy with the double benefit of making myself known as a Photographer.

I have been dabbling with this idea for a while but I am going to put something up on local Facebook groups to say if anyone wants a quick family snap while they walk or outside their front door then I can pop round during my walk and do that. It will hopefully make myself feel like I am doing something useful, hopefully make people happy and I suppose would be good to do some networking too.

I am hating sitting on my hands and may as well do something to try and get some smiles.

And I already have a customer.

First time since Lockdown I have bumped into someone I know. A lovely dude who works near my friend Amanda’s Photography and Make Up Studio. He lives nearby and while we had a quick chat he volunteered himself and kids for a shoot. So Yay!!!! Good looking dude too. Really nice guy.

I feel like there is more I should be putting out today but quite frankly I neither watched a full movie today (although did start re watching Mayhem … Good but bat crazy film), meditated (tired but just could not get the vibe) or decided on a subject for a Vlog …. Shopping took way longer than I thought and quite frankly … I feel like relaxing.

Keep safe people … Watch out for the Dust Fairy and Hair Fairy …. Perhaps I should set Captain Space Monkey on them ….. HEY!!!!! What a CONCEPT!!!!!

Dust Fairy and Hair Fairy … You are going DOWN!!!


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