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Lockdown Journal Day Eight 31st March

Lockdown Journal

Day 8

I bought a lottery ticket yesterday.

It was one of the things I forgot to mention to you, I’ll come back to the other.

The ticket I bought was for something called Set for Life. If you do not know then here is the deal, if you win then you get £10’000 a month for a good few years.

Ten thousand pounds a month … Hmmm … How would I spend that at the moment.

Truth be told I have always said that if I won a lottery then I would be heading for a week in a cottage at Whitby … Which is not exactly and option at the moment. So I set to thinking about how I would use the money currently and here are the rules.

No Charity contributions or giving to friends or family. This is something I would actually do if I did win (I have not checked the ticket yet) but it would make the how to use £10’000 a month game far too easy to flitter away the money. I would also see the vast majority of it staying in the bank too so that is not an option.

Sooooo …. How would I do it?

I have no idea although new camera equipment would be right up at the top of the list. I know a dude I would buy a camera for but that falls under the friends and family list so is off the table.

I genuinely have no idea ….. I am going to see if I can cook something up before I check the ticket …. Although I would like to buy an old PS2 or PS3 and play San Adreas again.

So what is new ……

I have re configured my living room so I am now writing on my great Grandma’s table instead of the one that came with the flat … Result of which is I have a lot more space. I am super pleased about this. I have also been considering how to wipe down the kitchen and bathroom walls without wipes … Solution … Good old hot soapy water, sponge and bucket. Doing that tomorrow will be a TOTAL result.

I had another one of “Those” dreams last night … The kind I never get … Twice in one week.

I have never made a secret of the fact that in that area I kind of have no interest .. I used to in a big way … But a good few years ago I went on a date with a girl intelligent, funny, pretty and basically fit into everything my type … And felt nothing … Not a thing.

It was like a switch had been turned off … I did not decide to become a monk it just switched off … Now I am getting “Those” kinds of dreams .. Figures … End of the world as we know it, social distancing and my Mojo looks like it is phoenixing itself back to life …. Bloody perfect!!!!! At least it is sticking to dream form. I don’t think I could handle the complication.

If it does then I am guessing part of that £10’000 is going straight to Onlyfans.

Sigh ….

The other thing I forgot to tell you was that when I decided to cut my hair last week with the trimmer I also decided to groom the chest hair. It itches AWFUL!!!! Mr practical reason for doing so was to make towelling down in the morning easier … Big mistake.

So that was my day …. So far …. Day 8.

Day 8 seems like the weirdest number I have had to write. Being out today and yesterday underlined how weird things seem out there. Its so strange and unreal and up until Day 8 … Well it seemed like a dream. Now it seems a reality. It is still so good to see everyone in good humour … But even still …

Out world is changing rapidly. Perhaps for the best really … I cannot imagine how good all this is going to be for the environment. Lots of people helping each other by doing stuff and lots of people helping each other by not doing stuff i.e. staying indoors.

Day 8 …. Damn …. Damn you day 8 …. You were a good day … But damn you just had to get real on my ass at the last minute.

Keep safe all.


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