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Lockdown Journal Day 10 2nd April 2020

Lockdown Journal

Day 10

I have an experiment for you.

Find something in the kitchen … A grease spot, dried in food or such … If you don’t have one as you are clean then for the sake of science drop some food somewhere and leave it for a few days … In fact make two spots.

I then challenge you to use all the cleaners and scourers and experience the sheer elbow grease it requires to get rid of the first spot.

I would then like you to close the kitchen cleaning cupboard, leave the kitchen and go to kitchen cabinet and grab a packet of the three in one make up removal and toner wipes … Return to the kitchen and try the same process again …

Notice how when you scrubbed with a scourer it took ages … A facial wipe took seconds?

I use the 49p ones from Aldi … But any will do.

Now … One of these products you use on the oven and one you use on your face … And the one you use on the face cleans ovens quicker….

Just a handy tip.

Operation deep clean is going amazing well and I am now happy to report I can begin operation relax. I therefore intend tomorrow to meditate (To what Miriam used to call my plinky plonky music) and to watch a film … I am shortlisting these three.

The Big Sleep … One of the best films ever made bar none.

Black Snake Moan … Not one of the best films ever made but I love it.

Blade Runner 2049 …. Fabulous and wonderful … And I have only watched it once before.

I would also like to send a message to the woman in the park today with her little girl and little boy on exercise.

You are a dick.

At the best of times you do not let a 5 year old vanish into the distance out of sight on his bike while you stop to examine a flower … On multiple occasions … People had to jump out of his way.

I hate to address a stereotype but to all intents and purposes that self satisfied, person of nature, political active, happy go lucky nature of yours is bereft of responsibility.

You annoyed me.

So …. Day 10 … .Double digits in what laughably is supposed to be a three week period … Spoiler alert … It will be longer.

And parks ….

There were police in the park today.

Let that sink in for a moment … Police were patrolling our parks. I find it sad that they have to but also a depressing indication of where we are at. I have for a long time been saying that it would take just one thing and our society would be screwed ….. That something was going to appear on the horizon and society as we know it would come to a stand still.

So here we are.

And I feel …. Well …. To be honest …. A little bad. The world is burning and I am giving cleaning tips. The world is burning and I am planning what movie I am to watch tomorrow. I am also wondering if I can come up with an idea to record a vlog over the next few days.

People are dying out there and I am doing ….. Nothing.

Sorry … Paused there for a moment … I had to laugh.

Actually we are doing something I suppose. I always said that doing nothing is just as much of a choice. Maybe doing nothing at the moment is pretty much what anyone can ask. Stay at home as much as possible and do nothing to stop the world burning.

Not sure if that is a little deep or too whimsical.

Soooo to finish on an up note …

I had two amazing dreams last night …

A period costume drama called “Ragged” set during the early part of the 20th century amongst the upper class …

And a spy drama so full of un resolved plot twists and labyrinthine themes that it became the staple of the series. .. I did not dream a name for it though … Prince Andrew was in it weirdly as a barman trying to redeem himself for his actions and giving out useful tips.

Weird …

That is to say if anything is really weird any more … Prince Andrew?!!! FFS!!!!

Peace out people.

And stop using those cleansing wipes on the face … Just try cleaning the oven shelves with it and you never will again.


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