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Lockdown Journal Day One

So I have decided to start a lockdown journal. It seemed a good way of passing the time and something to look back on.

I would like to claim this was totally my own initiative but I am currently listening to Adrian’s Undead Diaries so I am instead giving full credit to being inspired by. Seems fair if full credit is given.

Woken up by a phone call from Mum last night to tell me lockdown was now in full effect. I was not shocked so I spoke some encouraging words and promised to call today. Still need to do that but as detailed below I have not yet had time and I wanted to start this before I lost the inclination.

As soon as the phone went down I panicked. I had been spending much time at home but I had in mind that today was going to be the day I stocked up and went almost permanent house bound. I had made plans of how I was going to spend my time indoors (more on that later).

Now with the lockdown already announced I was lacking in some basic amenities and as such was panicking about surviving with such amenities.

I bet those stockpiling pricks are killing themselves laughing right now. Arseholes!

Despite the clear message that essential shopping was obviously necessary I did a Me … And well I basically panicked and spent the night planning routes into town which avoided main roads as my twisted half asleep brain believed the police would arrest me for being outdoors. I thought if I was spotted on the main road by a passing police car I would be arrested for being outside … Paranoia and anxiety in the current climate I suppose.

Hey I never claimed to be totally logical.

The one thing I did do was consider taking my camera. I needed diverse things and that only left town, added to the fact you cannot totally be sure that anywhere you go will have what you want anymore. Also seemed to be the like it may be the last time I would see town in a while …. But in the end I made the decision I was not going on a jolly and the plan was in and out as quick as possible.

Town was…. Depressing to be honest. It was an empty scene of those people like me (few of them I note) who needed to grab essentials. It was weird seeing loads of adverts for events that will never happen. Although I did spot a sign outside a chemist advertising that the Flu should not be underrated as a threat. Not really funny at a time like this but for some reason it made me laugh without much humour.

Watch out Flu … There is a new boy in town and he is taking no prisoners.

That being said I was in and out and came out with among other things in my shopping bags I managed to score some baked beans.


I also picked up a few tins of vegetable soup …. And I NEVER eat vegetable soup. For reasons unclear I decided to have Vegetable Soup … Turns out I like it … A lot.

I managed to miss a few things I could do with but is that not always the case when you go shopping? Normally just annoyance but today it really sucks.

I can do without them today but is it best to wipe all immediate necessities out the way now or not? I only need to pop down to the road so to do it today or tomorrow? Probably best to wipe it out so I don’t need to shop for a while … Also if I am being somewhat bleak … With the infection still on the rise would getting it all done today and staying inside be safer for myself not catching it … Hmmm totally unsure on this one and I find myself feeling really guilty at making two trips out in one day when it can wait until tomorrow.

I have decided to clean and organise my home like never before. This bitch is going to be shining and neat from top to bottom by the time I am done. I have noticed this appears to have become one of the nations favourite pastimes.

I also never ever just sit and watch a film. I miss most of them as I need to be doing something while I watching. I intend to make much of this time to actually force myself to sit and watch … Sitting and reading some of the vast unread book collections seem useful too.

Tons of documentaries to wade through and I can finally start looking at mastering off camera flash with a speedlite.


I have also just noticed that the sun shines perfect through one of the windows … So sunbathing is definitely an option. No reason to emerge from all of this without a tan right?

I suppose I got to face the fact that the laptop could do with a proper clean out …

Funny how when you think there will be nothing to do it turns out that you may need this lockdown to last longer so you can get everything done.

Am also trying to work out where the exercise session can be done in a day … I am thinking after lunch should be best … Now I have two parks close to me. A small one (whose name I cannot remember) and the larger Meersbrook Park .. Now I love walking but I am thinking walking around the streets will be more sensible. If anyone is going to go for a walk … It will be in the park. So less people walking about on the streets generally and less chance of encountering someone …. Hmmmm … I shall consider this carefully.

It sounds sensible and I am happy enough just walking.

Also wondering if that half an hour exercise could be split in two fifteen minutes in case you just literally need a break. Pretty sure I will be content with the full thirty minutes to stretch the legs … But am sure some may need the option.

Food for thought.

Ooooh …

One last thing .. Total victory for the day.

I do not have home wifi as I close of social media when I get home .. I contacted and spoke to an amazingly fun person at EE who fixed me up with some extra data. Totally cool conversation about the current apocalypse with the lady too. Wish I could remember her name as it seems horrid to have had such a nice chat with someone and not remember what they are called.

Total lie .. This is one last thing that struck me.

The air smells different. Or at least I think it does as it could be my imagination or it could be less pollution is having an effect.

Anyway’s time to call Mum and check on the news methinks.


Lockdown Journal

Day One addl.

I have been thinking about what to call all this and I have finally come with (Trade Mark Myself) …


(I need to make a logo)

I mean Lockdown so bleak and a media buzz word and CoronaCon makes it … Well … Not so much.

I mean Lockdown is what happens in prisons and it is far and away unlike being in prison. Myself for example am not concerned about dropping the soap in the shower. I once spent a few hours in a cell (long story) and although we are only at the start … It is nothing like being in the cells and I also am 100% sure nothing like being in prison.

CoronaCon .. The only event worth doing this season. Like ComicCon but far more important and we can all do it together and help save lives.

CornaCon 2020

The event of the season where every got involved but no one turned up.

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