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Lockdown Journal Day Four 27th March

Lockdown Journal

Day Four

“Nothing important happened today”

Allegedly these words were written in the diary of George III on the day that the declaration was signed. Apparently this is apocryphal being way before Twitter you would have to forgive the guys and perhaps the old boy just had a boring day.

I remember hearing about Corona very early on in its reports and I have to wonder now what else happened that day. I did not keep a journal at the time and I am finding it … Therapeutic should be the right word if not quite. Whilst I definitely noted something was going on I was not really concerned.

Would I have wrote “Nothing important happened today”

Good day all in all.

Operation deep clean going really well and today was a major score. Cleaning behind the washing machine revealed it could go further back a further six inches… Does not sound like much but thee kitchen seems so much bigger. Joke and pun all you want but in this case size really does matter and I am really enjoying my enhanced kitchen space.

Had an emotional moment when cleaning out cupboards as I came across some audio takes I have had FOREVER. Audio drama’s and stories I have owned since my teens but have long since had on MP3 … I have had them since school .. Some Jeeves and Wooster, some James Herriot and such … But despite the emotional connection they had to go. I need the space.

I also came across some old teddy bears of mine and a Garfield and such … They are definitely on the keep list. Also across a teddy bear an ex of mine bought me … I thought about it for a while before deciding to keep it. She was the last person I ever really loved and I just did not in me to throw it away.

Sigh …. Whenever I talk about her to Amanda she always says I stare off into the distance and you can hear the harp remembering music .. She generally switches off at this point whilst I wander off down nostalgia avenue.

Speaking of cupboards … There is a packet of frazzles hiding somewhere around here and if you know anything about me then it is that I am all about the frazzles and all about the malteesers.

I am not going hunting for the frazzles I am waiting for the treat of finding them. That will be a good day.

And speaking of Ex Girlfriends I had one of “Those” dreams about an ex last night. I rarely get one of “Those” dreams and weirdly it was about my first girlfriend (also coincidentally my first fiancée). I am personally putting it down to me getting all erotic thoughts about Milk Chocolate digestives yesterday and my subconscious kicked in.


Exercise time was fine … But weirdly I was looking forward to getting home. All this talk of weird haircuts has prompted me to do two things … One … Shave the beard off and … Two … Use the clippers and go for a shorter hair cut.

Soon as I sign off here it is personal grooming time.

I need to put more thought into what to do with myself long run. I keep coming back to the same conclusion that the world we knew is gone .. We beat the virus we then face the financial crisis.

And please if anyone is up there let there be less deaths for us to deal with too.

I do need to practical and turn my thoughts to operating a business in this new world or at least doing something practical and of use. What though?


Time for what seems to be my guilty confession of the day …. I feel good. I feel healthy.

I always thought I ate well and got exercise enough but I am feeling better than I have for ages. I have also noted that I am used to walking with weight of laptop and camera on my back and tend to stoop. I have started to stand up straighter.

One concern is definitely strength thought. I have always been surprisingly strong for my size and I have always put that down to lots of walking, carrying heavy equipment all the time and carrying heavy shopping while walking. I am not going to be doing that so much in the immediate future so I may need to start push ups … Another thing to add to the list of things to do …. Huh … I have never been that flexible though. Starting tomorrow … STRETCHING.

There is also a model I have been meaning to work with for ages but have not contacted yet. Perhaps now would be a good time to at least start a dialogue for the future and ideas and concepts.

Practical application of time during CoronaCon.

So … Extra kitchen space, deep clean going well …

Nothing important happened today.


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