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Lockdown Journal Day 7 30th March 2020

Lockdown Journal

Day Seven

Its the end of the world as we know it and I feel fine.

And I do feel fine … And I have mentioned before in these entries about how strange it is that I feel so much better. I am sleeping better, eating more healthy and not carrying around a ton every day. Laptop and camera equipment gave me a bit of a hunch and I am standing straighter … but .. I feel mentally better.

I suffer with anxiety and despite my outward mask I am nearly always in a state of panic …. And yet at the moment I feel mentally sound and strong. Another weird symptom of the end of the world as we know it I suppose.


I also cannot believe its day seven already!!!

So I did a shopping trip today.

There is a lot of apprehension out there. Not to many people about and everyone avoiding each other like the plague (Smiles quietly to oneself about this metaphor … Or is it a similarly … I think its a similarly).

As predicted as well as essentials I scored biscuits and frazzles. I also scored some wine which I am not ashamed to say that a glass of which is sat next to me … And OHHHHHH MAN!!!!!! The feeling of that first sip!!!! I I thought that I was having weird feelings about chocolate digestives but nothing compared to that first hit of the wine. I have no shame in describing it as almost erotic … Yes me and the bottle of wine do indeed need to get a room.

I also scored some mini Battenbergs which annoyed me .. Did you know they come in packs of five?!!! What the hell is the point of that? If you are on your own the choice is two in a serving or three … If you are in partnership then one of you goes one short … Either way you do the math it just does not work. Five!!!! Totally ridiculous.

Last week I decided to make sure that one trip out a day made sense and a shopping trip would equate to exercise.

Well sorry to say that you can forget that idea.

Exercise means going no near one, touching nothing and generally being distant but at the same time therapeutic and relaxing. Shopping is NOT.

Everyone including myself was shopping with an anxious nervous feeling … And I think I know why. This Corona thing has a gestation period so as soon as you go shopping you are resetting that clock. Go near no one and touch nothing and you feel safe. Spend some time in an environment other people are in and you are resetting that gestation period clock. NOT COOL.

I also found I thanked the staff almost apologetically for them being out on the front lines.

That being said I am so totally happy that these guys are getting the recognition they deserve and being out there serving us and keeping us going.

On brighter news I have made plans to re configure my front room … Its going to be Wednesday till I can start on it as tomorrow I have both a work and shopping duty to attend to which may swallow most of the day … And I also have the kitchen to attend to …

Busy busy busy.

Funny ….

I spotted my Horoscope last Friday and it informed me how my travel plans were due to come to fruition and how my professional life was due to improve … Who the hell writes these things?

That being said ALL of my long term girlfriends were Pisces … All of them. In fact when I met my last true love and we were talking on the first night she said she was a Pisces and I literally thought “Here we go again” …

Funny … I still miss her. I wonder how she is in all this.

But … I have wine, Chicken Kievs and a cupboard to clean and organise … So much to do and so little time.

It is the End of the World as we know it …

I just hope many more people also feel fine.


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