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Lockdown Journal Day 5 28th March 2020

Lockdown Journal

Day 5

Huh ….

I ended last entry with nothing much happened today and the implication that writing such a thing was tempting fate. Ironic as nothing much happened today.

Sort of at least.

It occurred to me that I have not being doing that which I said I would do and that is do nothing much at all, something I rarely do so today I decided to do nothing much at all.

So short entry I suppose … Here is my day.

Woke up at 5-45 …..

Actually maybe that is an interesting thing for me at least. I habitually rise at 4-45 so I can get to Nero at 7am. This is now pointless as Nero is no longer open for providing me with a coffee so I have started rising later in the morning. Ironically this means I am on the laptop earlier so I did some editing I had laying from one of the last studio shoots with the fabulous Amelia and sent them off.

I then proceeded to do not very much .

I did write to a cousin I have not spoken to since I had a mini breakdown a few years ago .. She has not got back to me yet which I understand and is totally mu fault. One of the few things I am enjoying (Wrong word) about all this is that I am a loner most of the time and my only social time either revolves around photography or Shotgun (You’ll get this).

I did consider writing some tale or thought or memory about my past. I originally posted this journal on FB with the interest of seeing if anyone else would be inspired and the rest of the entries to be personal but I am getting into the habit as it is something to do …. And weirdly something I enjoy. I enjoy going for walks and exercise and thinking about what I could possibly write. Except today I did not because one totally bitchin’ thing happened today.

I got a Robin shot … Something I always wanted.

The cheeky fella jumped out of nowhere and proceeded to stay still for a time, then move to a new position like a born natural model. When I had got my eye in for the shot he actually returned to his first pose and position to give me a second chance at the same shot.


But … I f you have shot with me on a model shoot you just know I am superstitious about looking at shots on the same day … So until tomorrow morning I shall have to wait to pull it out of camera and have a look.

But I am pretty sure I came back with the loot … Nothing amazing that has not been done before and I am not a nature photographer so I don’t expect wonders …. But I got a shot of a Robin.

One thing I am sure that most of you will know is that I do not shut up … So most of the stories about myself you know as I will have told them. And also that does not really keep in with the journal thing … So if I ever have a dry day with thoughts I am going to think about something I have not thought about myself for ages. I think that is fair as it will be good for me too.

Dinner today was Vegetable soup and dinner tonight begins in on the frozen food with all the fresh gone. So today I am indulging in a Chicken and Vegetable pie with mash and mushy peas and gravy. Basic stuff but I am really looking forward to it.

I am going to sign off with there being a lot fewer people around last couple of days. And I mean it has severely dropped off.

I have ironing to do … And I am thinking of either watching West Wing again or an animation movie.

So …. From Casa Carter on day 5 of the apocalypse ….

Peace out all.


Oh additional …. As I logged in to post this my cousin has messaged … I shall post and then read.

Keep safe all.

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