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Lockdown Journal Day 3 26th March

Lockdown Journal (Or CoronaCon)

Day Three

Have you ever heard of the rule of three?

If you put your mind to doing something consistently for three days then you form the basis of it becoming a habit. If you do it for three weeks then you pretty much have a basis for a habit. We are in a temporary Lockdown for a minimum of three weeks …. I shall come back to this.

I did a stock check last night and wrote down all the items I would need in the longer term so as to not have to shop. So up and out early to find and collect the items that I would need. And I can report shopping is like a mine field with everyone trying to stay out of each others way. I am so glad that the people who work in shops and supermarkets are getting the recognition they deserve. There are a lot of nervous people out there and this morning I was one of them.

On the plus side I am now sorted for the immediate future… On the downside … I was down to my last Aero which sadly bit the dust at lunch time when I also had …. Vegetable soup (I swear that stuff is addictive but I also swear I feel so good afterwards).

I am not particular gutted about the last Aero but it did make me so mad I forgot to add digestives to the list. I can live without them so that is the way it has to be for the time being but Man I Wish I Got Some DIGESTIVES!!!

Digestives and Milk Chocolate Digestives because.

Digestives themselves are pure, fun, tasty and great in company. You can have two perhaps three with a coffee and all is good. Milk chocolate digestives are for when you are alone and two or three is not going to be enough. Milk Chocolate digestives are for me time and are the X rated version of biscuits (Unless you want to be extra dirty and go full on chocolate hobnob).

I am having such weird feelings about Milk Chocolate Digestives right now. My friend Amanda is normally my brakes when the brain goes weird … And she is not around at the moment obviously.

I feel I am going to dream about Milk Chocolate Digestives tonight.

Deep clean is going well but I am annoyed about the fridge. I was intending to clean inside and behind the fridge today, but the fridge is enjoying something of a renaissance in its career and actually being full so taking shelves out was not an option.

On a confessional note I was half way through my exercise this afternoon before it occurred to me that going shopping and exercising really should be classed together. Going forward that is now the rule “Going shopping or working or exercising gets classed together as going out for the day”

I could tell you I felt guilty …. But if I am going to be honest … I didn’t. Shopping was a terror and walking in the park was fun. I went near no one and touched nothing and I am lot more relaxed about exercise time.

Karma being what it is … I mean to take the camera and forgot to. I have always wanted a decent picture of a Robin and I intended to take the camera in case I spotted one.

Sigh ….

On the camera note …. I am going to have to have a serious think over the next few weeks.

I was listening to Radio 4 yesterday and they were talking about work guidance and in the long run how things could be even worse due to what this is doing to the economy. The guidance given by the government minister of this country was if you can work and work safely then do so.

I need to cogitate on this….

With a zoom lens I keep well away from people being photographed and I need to have some thoughts.

I saw an article about a group in America that were taking long range portrait photos of families in there gardens to document them. They were however doing this as a charity thing and although I did consider it for a moment it seemed a little bit like war profiteering to do it as a charged service so I dismissed the idea … I could however just offer it out to anyone near by and schedule and run past and time during exercise. Get to know the local community and do something nice for them during this time.

Business wise I could perhaps offer portraits in parks or near their homes … Something that would not make me feel like war profiteering.

Much to cogitate on over the next few weeks ..


I think I need to think upon this as I keep hearing people saying that they hope to return to normal soon. I don’t think the normal we knew is ever going to return as the normal we knew and I think its about time to accept that.

I was cleaning earlier and thinking about the NHS staff out there on the front line and it hurts me. I mean they get it all the time on everyday issues … But this!!! I have done a death watch twice in my life and let me tell you it scars you.

I mentioned the rule of three and getting the habit by week three, well that is because I think we need to have these new habits. Our world has changed and we need to adapt to make the new normal. Its going to be a long time before this goes away and then we need to deal with the aftermath. I personally am positive its a good thing. People have come together by and large and perhaps … Perhaps its all for the best. Out world was running headlong even before this to either environmental or economic disaster somewhere along the line … Perhaps this is the warning we all needed?

But what do I know …..

Ooohhh …


I saw the girl who was sitting in the window again today but did not have the chance to wave or say hello. She was on the phone. I am still not sure what she looks like but I am captivated by the pose she was in when writing yesterday.

I hope I am not obsessing .. Or getting weird (weirder I suppose).

Anyway that being said .. Keep safe all. All the love and hugs.


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