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Lockdown Journal Day 2 Wednesday 25th March 2020

Lockdown Journal (Or CoronCon as I am still pitching)

Day 2

Have you ever just spent some time staring out the window? Well I tried today and found I could not.

Reason being it has been a long time since I cleaned my windows and if I was going to look out the windows and see anything more than vague images then I would need to clean them … Not a problem, I have time and its deep clean the flat time.

Here is a handy hint for any of you that wants to clean the outside but cannot reach … Use a paint brush on an extension. Lean out the window and roll the paint roller in a bucket of soapy hot water and very soon you can see the world again in all its technically colour glory. Its a sign of the times I suppose than a man leaning out the window with a paint brush cleaning his windows barely raises an eyebrow.

I can now happily report I can see through my windows. Score.

Dinner again was Vegetable Soup which is rocking my world. Why did it the end of the world as we know it for me to start eating it?

Incidentally … Why is REM’s End of the World as we know it not doing the rounds? I may put it on later and have a little dance …. With the blinds closed as people can now see in obviously.

Incidentally part two …. Turns out I am very bad at stocking for the apocalypse … Am good for many things now, weirdly mushy peas which I seem to have gone on a buying spree for before all this went down. However my sugar situation is not good and I would describe my cooking oil reserves as dire. I don’t even know how many razor blades and tooth brushes I have … I need to do a stock count for dire ….

Although if I don’t ration out the mushy peas and the beans I bought yesterday then Air Freshener may top the list of essentials.

Also did some admin and editing which raises a few problems I am going to have to deal with soon.

Exercise time was totally bitchin!!!!

Except .. I have a confession and its a horribly selfish one.

I don’t want to spread any virus, I don’t want anyone to get it …. But leaving the house makes me nervous as my primary thought if I am honest is that I don’t want to get it. How selfish is that??!

I feel really bad about that.

In saying that I also had a letter saying I was due an eye appointment .. Hmmmmmmmm …. I am dropping that down the lower list of priorities.

On a happier note everyone is friendly. You may do the who is going to cross the road dance first but there is a lot of smiles and communication at the same time. A lot of friendly people keeping a vast distance but cheerfully and a lot of shouted conversations.

Who know this pandemic would get everyone friendlier by keeping them apart?

And Hey … Would that not be awesome … Wars had to stop as soldiers were too closely packed together and suddenly both sides just discovered they were not that different. The whole world actually becoming a better place with a common foe?

Would that not just be fucking awesome!!!!

Wishful thinking but it always seemed a handshake or hug was the way to closeness…. Now apparently the further away you get the more considerate you seem, the more friendly people are.

Huh ……

According to my landlady there is a new girl in the bottom flat.

I saw her when I returned home today and she was sat writing in the window and her pose was perfect … I mean PERFECTION!!!!!

I don’t think the best way to introduce yourself to someone is to ask if you can bring your camera down and get a snap but I was sorely tempted. Weird way to end an entry.

She was writing … I wonder if she was writing her own journal of CoronaCon.

Definite mental note though …

“Model in a window frame writing on a pad of paper”

Incidentally …. Attempted self hair cut last night …

Thank goodness I am not seeing anyone for a while … Disaster is not the word.

I have home made Katsu Chicken for tea … And yet I fancy one of the frozen Chicken and Vegetable pies … I’ll do that tomorrow I think … And serve with mushy peas …. And either leavve the windows wide open or put Air Freshener up on the priorities list.


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