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  • Chris Carter

A Moment in Cliche

Capturing a moment in time.

I thought we would start with a photographic cliché, but one in this circumstance fits the bill quite well.

My Granddad was a very keen amateur photographer in his youth and the above is one of his. Now I started in Street Photography and I love this so much a “Captured moment in time” cliché. As a model photographer I have always loved the use of feet in a shot and although this was not set up as such I love the pose captured.

I love the expressions of the people as they either watch or draw your attention out of the frame to what else may be going on in the scene.

This photograph fascinates me for so many reasons.

I scanned this and a number of others in a while ago, I mainly scanned in the family snaps but now I am endeavoring to scan in the many photograph albums he collated. It amazes me that this picture taken so many years ago was barely a few inches across (Also weirdly in a convenient Instagram square format) so it is now able to be viewed as no one has seen it before.

Does that not just fire you imagination? That contained in these albums and probably hundreds, if not thousands around the world, is a repository of our past that we can see in new ways. How many secrets and moments can they reveal? What faces and people who we can no longer even name be revealed? What are their histories and what were they like?

This amazes me so much.

What even further leaves me excited is the idea that my Granddad and photographers like him would probably have no concept or idea that they would be seen so many years later with fresh eyes.

I started in Street Photography and I appreciate good street Photography. I follow many whose work is far superior to mine ever was. I would have been super proud to have taken this shot, but I am more pleased for my Granddad a truly wonderful man who unfortunately past away before I ever really took up the camera.

I cannot wait to start scanning through and really developing the photos to see as they have never been seen before.

Can I also suggest …. You have a rummage around your old cupboards … Lets see what pieces of the past we can discover together and really see where we came from and those nameless people whose name we may not know …And explore those moments in time.

But we can let our imagination do the rest.

(Granddad is on the left below)

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