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Barton Chase Photography - Kate and Heidi 

Kate and Heidi at the Abbeydale Picture House


Okay …. So I have a confession with these.


These two amazing people helped me out with doing a promotion for Prom Photoshoots. As a thankyou I offered them a free shoot at a location of their choosing and they selected the fabulous Abbeydale Picture House.


It was one of the few occasions I got to shoot there for fun and I am very much afraid that I messed up …. It was a few years ago and I just did not have the skills I thought I had for such low light situations as I thought I did and I failed to make full use of the environment. I felt I had let them down.


I recently decided to edit them now I felt much more confident with editing software and I went from being disappointed to quite pleased with them. I do not feel I can take credit for them as I would now deal with the situation totally differently but it was nice to send them both a proper thankyou with some shots I felt worked.

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