Sheffield Photographer

De Hood Boxing Gym

Its always good in De Hood.

Got to admit I totally love covering the Saturdays sessions .. Smiles and welcomes, seeing awesome people working out together and ... Well I love it. With Captain D Reagan Denton on deck and the team its always just a joy.

De Hood Boxing Centre is one of the amazing places ... A charity that works with the community and helps people come together, work out together and recover together.

If you fancy working out, if you fancy giving up those nasty little addictions, if you want to learn to box, if you want to pick up a charity shop bargain or learn a martial art ... Cough .... Or if you fancy a photoshoot (Big wink)

Pop in .... You will be amazed at how supportive and cool everyone is. With Reagan Denton and Laura Jackson and the team its just one of the most amazing places ... And I love just being my own small part of it.

Pop in for a work out or boxing or other ... Feel free to pop in and say hello to me too.

As the captain would say .... "Yeee Haaaaa"

Have an awesome rest of the weekend dudes!!! Love to all!!!